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Reopening Memorial Day Weekend 2022

At Miner Hickory, we offer beautiful one hour Horse Trail Rides over many trail paths spanning over 300 acres of land. 

We'll take up to five people on our trail rides and we're happy to accommodate larger groups and families with advanced notice. 

horse-trail-rides-the horses

“I never could resist the call of the trail.”
― Buffalo Bill

Our Full One Hour Rides will surprise and delight the novice rider to the expert enthusiast.

Rides run:

 7 days a week from

9am - 6pm

by appointment.

Please note:

We need a 12 to 24 hour notice

to prepare for trail rides.


A Breath of Fresh Air

From the beautiful pine trees and wild life to the babbling brooks, the pleasure and relaxation of riding at Miner Hickory will soothe the soul.

Here we've spotted a cute little deer on our trail ride today.

Saddle Up and Ride...

From individual and couple rides, to family outings and corporate retreats, get in touch with us today to schedule your trail ride adventure.


One Hour Horse Trail Rides $50 for individuals ten years and older.

Corporate and group rates will vary.

Please note:

We need a 12 to 24 hour notice to prepare for trail rides.

*Currently accepting cash & checks only.

Call us today...

  (240) 727-9087

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